ANSİAD - Antalya Industrialists and Business People Association

ANSIAD, which is the roof organization of the business world, regionally and sectorally, aims to contribute to the problems of the business world and society in a very audible and impartial manner. ANSİAD is based on the aim of modern civilization by protecting the economic and social development of our region and country, the problems of industrialists and business people, and developing its pioneering and entrepreneurial qualities in the society. It leads the institutionalization of civil society in a parliamentary, democratic, secular and effective state of law with a polyphonic, impartial and constructive perspective on the problems of business and society. With the objective of competitive and widespread strong entrepreneurship, Founded in September 6, 1990, Antalya Industrialists and Business People Association (ANSİAD), with its162 members and 30 years of  long history, It has managed to become Turkey’s and region's one of the major civil society structuring.

ANSIAD, with its members representing 162 companies in our region, provides total turnover of 13 billion 418 million 219 thousand 722.26 TL, 767 million 209 thousand 216.33 total exports and 70 thousand 649 registered employment.

Our association, transferring the economy’s regional and sectoral perspectives to decision-makers, contribute to Turkey's economy, support the development of regional and sectoral development visions, is located under the roof of the Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED) and Western Mediterranean Industry and Business Association (BAKSİFED).